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Mrs. Gascon

Welcome to Mrs. Gascon's Class

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We are working in Science on studying Matter. Currently we are exploring what makes matter up. This week we focused on elements, solutions, and compounds. We enjoyed a snack lab that consisted of Lucky Charms (a mixture) and lemonade (a solution). The lemonade was made from a compound (water- H20) and a mixture of ingredients within the lemonade mix!

  • Mixtures contain 2 or more types of matter that are easy to separate, because they maintain their original chemical properties.
  • Solutions contain 2 or more types of matter that are not easy to separate and they do not maintain their own chemical properties.                                                                                                             
  • A compound is a combination of 2 or more elements that form a new substance. *Watch for solutions, mixtures and compounds in your everyday family life!