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Transportation Department

Unatego Transportation Department

The Unatego transportation department takes pride in the transporting students to and from school everyday.  Our goal it to get students both to and from school safety and efficiently.  Please do not hesitate to call or email any questions you might have regarding our department.
We are currently looking for bus drivers, substitue bus drivers, & substitue bus aides.  If you have any questions or might be interested please call or email us at [email protected].  We can get you the answers or information you are looking for and we are willing to train.


Change of Pick-up/Drop Off Location

Please remember that the transportation department has a strict policy  of ONE pick-up and ONE drop off location per student.  The reason for  this policy is for the safety and well being of the students in our   school. Please DO NOT send a student with a note for a change of  schedule. You must call the Transportation Department with any emergency changes to receive approval. (607-988-1006) Thank you for your understanding. 

Did you know....

Bus Driver Qualifications

Contact Info

Director of Transportation: Brian Trask
Phone: 607-988-1006
Fax: 607-988-1000

Transportation Secretary: Heather Ryder
Phone: 607-988-1006
Fax: 607-988-1000


Use this form to make a permanent bus change for your student(s)