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Physical Education

Unatego Elementary Physical Education

Kids Exercising At Unatego Elementary Physical Education is an important part of each students daily routine to help keep our bodies healthy as well as our minds focused.  Each student in K-5 participates in PE daily.   We look forward to working with every child each day but classes only last 25 min. for K-2nd grades, 30 min. for 3-5th grades.   Each child should be active for a total of 60 min. each day. Some active play outside the classroom is neccessary to keep your child healthy and to achive the full 60 minutes daily.

Being Prepared for PE

Different types of exercise for kids

Each student should be prepared for PE every day with:

  • Proper foot wear
  • Shorts to wear under dresses 
  • 5th graders must change their clothes
  • Team Spirited Attitude 

PE Teachers

 Mrs. Barnes

K-2 & Mrs. Rowe's 3rd grade
Ms. Butcher