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Webpage Design

eSchoolView Website Training

I hope you will find this webpage training useful. On this page you will find information on 2 topics:

  • General webpage design guidelines for educators
  • eSchoolView specific webpage creation instruction
The goal for the class will be to guide you through the creation of your own basic teacher page.  


Content: Anything placed on the page which can be added, edited, updated or deleted by the user

Content Window:Columns on the page (up to 2) where content can be added

Components: Blocks of varying types of content that can be stacked one on top of another

Dynamic Navigation:Text based links that reflect the Content page structure of the site section

Sub (Child) page: An additional webpage that can be generated from your classroom homepage

Available Components

Teacher components Teachers have several components to choose from:

Text Windows-most used

Blogs(if approved)

Downloads- Usually Documents (Word, pdf .. etc.)

Event Calendars-choose event catergories to pull from

Gallery Groupings-display more than one Photo Gallery on a page

Links-internal or external


Photo Gallery


Script Window-embed streaming video and widgets

Streaming Video-upload your video

Survey/Form(if approved)

Quiz(if approved)

Personal Calendar- tied to the USER, not the page

About Me

Embedded Image for: Deb Stephens (2015108154552347_image.png)
Assistant II
Phone: 607-766-3724

Plan the Design!

Example Embed

When embedding in a window, take note of the width of the window and the width of your embed. If the embed is too large, it will exceed the boundries of the window. To fix this, adjust the height/width in the embed code-keeping the aspect ratio.