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Mrs. Creveling

Mrs. Creveling Welcomes You!

Reading is my favorite subject to teach because it changes lives.

Reading............helps us to us information about topics that interest us..............and adds depth to and enriches our lives.

Reading with your children teaches them new vocabulary that expands like the age rings on a tree trunk, continually growing as they learn new things. 
I am often asked for suggestions on how to promote a love of reading in your children.  Let your children  pick books that interest them.  Ask them to try to read the first page.  If they can do that with few errors than it will be a good match for them.  If they can't, still take out the book from the library and read it with them.  Children can understand more than they are able to read.  This also helps to expand vocabulary and will help comprehending other text.   
Enjoy reading with your children! 
Mrs. Creveling
607- 369-6200 

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