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Purchase your Yearbook
 Order your yearbook early and take advantage of $10 off!

Please submit your informal yearbook portrait by November 16th at the latest. Picture submissions need to be clear, quality photos with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. These photos do not have to be professionally taken, but they need to be high quality images! You may turn in an actual photo, CD or flash drive. If you do not have an informal photo, please see Mrs. Holdredge and she will arrange a time to take your picture.

Formal portrait proofs should arrive in the next several weeks.  Please be sure to choose the photo you like the best and return it to Jack Cole at Up Country Photos.

Baby Ads will be all color. Please note the price and dimensions for ads:

¼ page ads: $70.00       3 ½” wide x 5” tall

page ads: $95.00    7 ½" wide x 3 ¼" tall

½ page ads: $135.00    7 ½" wide x 5” tall

Ads can be submitted as a hard copy (photo ready artwork) or in digital format. You will get your pictures back. Ads reproduce best when original photos (not computer print-outs) are used. We would be happy to create your ad for you if you supply the pictures and text. Please do not cut the pictures. We will crop them as needed. Senior Baby ads must be submitted by March 1st. Full payment is due when ad is submitted.  Checks are written to Unatego Central School.

**Students may also purchase buddy ads for the same price. Simply decide which photos of you and your friends you would like to have in your book, and share the cost of the ad! 
Noelle Holdredge
(607) 988-5098
Amanda Kane
(607) 988-5097
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