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New Look!
Check out the new features on our OPAC homepage: 
There is now a citation maker for books, links to helpful web resources, apps, and self-improvement sites. 

Ramblings and Thoughts

Need an image for a project, paper, etc. without breaking the law? Yes, there are laws about using pictures that are copyrighted, meaning there are laws protecting their use. Copied an image from Google images? Using the URL from Google is not the proper way to cite the source of the picture. You need to go to the page to which the image was originally uploaded and use that URL. However, you may still get in trouble without specific permission from the author. Sounds like to much trouble? Try this PDF to find images without the citation hassle:
Want to get the most bang for your buck but don't know how? Here are two books to help you do just that.
Smart Strategies for Buying a Car will help you select a car with the right features and price to fit your needs. Also talks about insurance, loans, and other costs of own/leasing a car.
In Smart Strategies for Paying for College, the author explores different sources of money, some "free" and some with a price tag, to help you pay for that much needed piece of paper, a degree. 
We have other books to help you save money. Check our OPAC for other books that may be of interest. 


Mrs. Danforth

What I'm Reading Now

When her parents check sixteen-year-old Janie into Golden Slopes to help her recover from her bulimia, she discovers that she must talk about things she has admitted to no one--not even herself.