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You can search our online catalog here: OPALS homepage
SORA can be accessed from the OPALS homepage or here: SORA

Access to eBooks available from the Four County Library system is available through SORA. See Mrs. Danforth for help adding 4 County to your SORA account.

Ramblings and Thoughts

The book or the movie?
Personally, I prefer the book. Not because I am a librarian. The books tell the whole story - all the thoughts, descriptions, and dialogue - the full story. Movies need to cut out most of the internal dialogue a character has. The director decides how to interpret the people and places in the book for the movie. They change parts that don't translate well to the screen.
When you read a book, you make your own mind movie. Our imaginations create the character based on how we read the descriptions. We react to the internal dialogue of a character based on our experiences, not how a director wants us to react.
The next time you want to see a movie made from a book, read the book first. My bet is you will like the book more. Of course, it doesn't mean you can't or won't like the movie!
BTW, check our Books to Movies display in the library.
Image Searches
Need an image for a project, paper, etc. without breaking the law? Yes, there are laws about using pictures that are copyrighted, meaning there are laws protecting their use. Copied an image from Google images? Using the URL from Google is not the proper way to cite the source of the picture. You need to go to the page to which the image was originally uploaded and use that URL. However, you may still get in trouble without specific permission from the author. Sounds like to much trouble? Try this PDF to find images without the citation hassle:
Money, Money, Money
There are many decisions to make when it comes to money: how to make it, how to keep it, how to make it grow. We have books in the library and eBooks that can help you earn, wisely use, and grow your earnings. 
Check our OPAC and SORA for books that may be of interest. 


Mrs. Danforth

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