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My Class Name (Component Title)

Welcome to the Class! (Text Window Title)

Erase or delete the content on this page and add your own class information. Ideas:

  • General info
  • Syllabus
  • Schedules
  • Academic expectations
  • Grading Policy
  • Lessons
  • Hyperlinks to websites your students will use
  • Documents for students or parents to download
  • Embed widgets or feeds
  • Pictures
  • Contact information
Like in MS Word, the font type, font size and color, copy/paste feature, hyperlinks, images and pdfs can all be added and configured in this space.
Additional Information (Component Title)

Other (Text Window Title)

Other (Text Window Title) Multiple text windows can be added and layered one on top of another so that each can have its own space and title.

This is useful when adding information other than general class information or temporary information (ex. testing reminders, holidays, specials, back to school supply lists, etc.)

There are "Date Visible" and "Date Expires" options in a Text Window so the viewable timing of this component can be set
Instructor (CT)

About Me (Text Window Title)

About Me (Text Window Title) Include:
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (if desired)
  • Contact preference and hours 
  • Any other info you would like students or parents to be able to see
Class Documents (CT)
Class Links (CT)
Script Window (CT)
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