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General Class Information

Course Description:

This is a one-year course that prepares for high school math and the NYS Mathematics 8 exam. Topics include The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.


  • Be in your seats and ready to work when the bell rings
  • Be prepared with all required materials 
  • All backpacks, coats, personal belongings, etc. stored in locker 
  • Be respectful and safe to yourself and others
  • Show responsible, cooperative, and successful behavior 
  • Follow the Unatego student handbook  

Required Materials:

  • Notebook (spiral) for IXL use at home and school 
  • Math Folder/Binder with loose-leaf paper 
  • School Agenda 
  • Sharpened pencils with erasers
  • White board markers 
  • Student Module Workbook
  • Calculator 
  • School provided chrome book 1.


The passing grade for all middle school grades (6-8) is 70. There are four quarter grades and a final exam. The final evaluation grade is received by averaging the four quarter grades and final exam grade. The final exam counts for 20% of your final grade, please remember that this is a cumulative exam for all course material that is covered in the year. The quarter grades are determined by the school policy of 90% summative assessments and 10% formative assessments.

Math 8 Summative Assessments (90%)
  • Tests and Projects (60%)
  • Quizzes (30%) Including IXL Frequency Homework Quizzes
Math 8 Formative Assessments (10%)
  • Classwork 
  • Homework other than IXL  


Classwork and homework is an essential part of success in math 8. These assignments provide practice and reinforcement for what has already been taught in class. These assignments are a time for students to make sure they understand the concept that was previously taught and to demonstrate that concept. These assignments will mostly be graded on completion and effort, not only on right answers. Students should be prepared to turn in any assignment, without prior notice. Every student is responsible for making sure they have the correct answer on their work when we go over it during class. If you are struggling with your work, please see me during tutorial, or use the resources I have discussed in class to help at home. All work given will be due the following day unless otherwise assigned. For work to receive full credit, ALL NECESSARY WORK MUST BE SHOWN. Most classwork/homework checked in class is worth 5 or 10 points. All classwork/homework, worksheets, and handouts should be kept throughout the year as a study aid (the midterm and final exams are cumulative). Late classwork/homework will be accepted up four days past the due date. Each day the classwork is late, the student will lose 1 point. See chart below.

Due Date

1 Day Late

2 Days Late

3 Days Late

4 Days Late

5/5 = 100

4/5 = 80

3/5 = 60

2/5 = 40

1/5 = 20

10/10 = 100

8/10 = 80

6/10 = 60

4/10 = 40

2/10 = 20

Quiz Policy

Most of the quizzes in Math 8 will be an IXL topic. These are fluency quizzes that students should do own their own. There will be 2 to 3 topics assigned a week as a homework assignment. This is usually the only homework given for the entire week. This is a very important part of the 8th grade math curriculum. The IXL topics are a chance to practice the individual skill needed to perform well on a test or project when the skills are put all together. If you keep up with the IXL topics assigned each week, you can expect to do very well in Math 8. IXL can be completed on your own, as there is guidance for each question that you get wrong. I expect that you take notes from the IXL topic when you get a question wrong in your math notebook. If you are seeking help during tutorial, the first question I will ask you is if you took notes when you got a question wrong. When I see those are completed and you still don’t understand the topic, I will be glad to reteach the topic to you. It is your responsibility to seek out help.

Attendance Policy:

All students must follow the attendance policy in the Unatego Student Handbook as well as the following rules.

Leaving Class

All students are to remain in the classroom throughout the duration of the period. Students may not leave math class to meet with other teachers or to visit any other part of the building. Students should use the bathroom before or after class. If you must use the restroom, first ask permission, sign out/in on the “Student Sign-out sheet”, and take the pass. Only one person may be out of the class at a time. Any student who abuses this system will lose privileges to leave the classroom.

Extra Help:

I am always willing to make time for students who may need extra help. It is the student’s responsibility to let me know that additional help is needed. You may also use tutorial to seek out extra help. I will often take the initiative to give you a pass to my tutorial or lunch if I see that you need some extra help. You may also email me at school at [email protected].

Chrome books:

All 8th graders will receive a Chrome book for use at school this year. We will be using this technology in the classroom often. You are expected to bring your Chrome book to my class daily. Please do not ask me after the bell rings to go get your Chrome book. The Chrome books are intended for use in my class for academics only. The Chrome book policy will be reviewed in classes on the first day of school.

Math Success:

Success in this class depends on hard work and practice. You can do well if you try. I am looking forward to working with you this year.

Best Wishes,
Mrs. Ingalls
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Contact Information

Contact Information
Mrs. Ingalls
Phone: (607) 988-5000
Extra Help:  Before school everyday, Wednesday's during After School Program and Tuesday's after school by appointment 
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