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English 8 Mr Berrios

Welcome to English 8!

This year in English 8 we will be working with the Common Core Learning Standards Modules.  Much of this work is difficult and with support from me and your peers I expect all students to rise to the challenge. Many of our activities will be done with partners or small groups. We will be reading closely, annotating text, making and evaluating claims, writing arguments and citing text evidence to back up our conclusions.  Much of class will center on open discussion about the literature. 
Classroom management Policy
  • Come to class prepared. Pen, pencil, workbook , novel
  • Sharpen all pencils and have all materials on your desk and ready to go before class begins.
  • DO NOT line up at the door. Wait in your seat until the bell rings.
  • If you are absent, YOU are responsible for making up  the work. Ask me what you missed on the day you come back.
  • Do not fall behind on homework or reading assignments. If you are having trouble keeping up , see me sooner rather  than later and we will work something out.
  • Grading Policy:
  • HW/CW-10%
  • Quiz:40%
  • Tests/Writing: 50%
  • If you score below 70% on an essay, you are responsible for revisions.
  • Tests may be re-taken in a timely manner and you will receive the score you got on the re-take.

English 8 Mr. Berrios

Contact Info: [email protected]
Phone: 988-5036
Suggested Reading List
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