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7th Grade Technology

This course meets half of the NYS mandated credit for Technology Education for grades 6-8.  Students will learn about the resources of technology and how to choose them properly.  They will solve technological problems through hands-on activities and projects that they produce in the lab.  The problem solving projects will be tied in with relevant Math and Science concepts appropriate for their age.

8th Grade Technology

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This course meets the second half of the NYS mandated credit for Technology Education for grades 6-8.  Students will learn about Construction Systems and build a model balsa wood bridge.  They will also learn about Transportation Systems and shop machinery.  Armed with this knowledge they will design and construct a co2 powered race car.

Intro to 8th Grade Technology PowerPoint
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Drawing and Design for Production

This course covers the basic topics of industrial design and drawing. Very precise drawings are made using traditional drafting methods and equipment: drawing boards, t-squares, various pencils, erasers and erasing equipment, and templates. Of the three types of technical drawings (mechanical, electrical, and architectural) emphasis will be on the mechanical type and consist of parts and pieces of machines and equipment.

The importance of being able to read and understand a ruler cannot be emphasized enough as a basic necessary skill. Special attention must be given to every detail in drawings. Standardization and neatness is the rule.

Once students are proficient with board drawing techniques, we will move on to CAD (Computer Aided Drawing).  We are fortunate to have the latest industry standard software available to us, AutoCAD 2017.  Students will use AutoCAD to produce highly precise drawings in a variety of styles.

This course satisfies the full unit of art/music requirement for students.

Management Plan with Grading Procedures

Computer Applications

This course is intended to be an introductory course focused on basic programming. Students will learn how to create web pages written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML and newer versions can also be used with multimedia elements to reflect current practices in web design and development.

Mr. Pruskowski

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