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English 7

Welcome to Seventh Grade English

 The school year is divided into four modules:

Module 1 =    Reading Closely and Writing to Learn: Journeys and
                           Survival (A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.)
Module 2 =    Working Conditions in Industrializing America (Lyddie
                           by Katherine Paterson); How Working Conditions
                      Change: Chavez and the UFW (Chavez’s Commonwealth
                      Club Address); Researching Working Conditions in the
                      Modern Garment Industry.
Module 3 =    Understanding Perspectives (Narrative of the Life of
                           Frederick Douglass)
Module 4 =    Reading and Research: Screen Time and the
                          Developing Brain
For each unit students will have workbooks that contain the assignments which need to be completed either during class time or for homework. Periodic workbook checks will generate homework grades (10% of the grade). Each unit in the module will have a Mid Unit Assessment (quiz grade) and an End of Unit Assessment (test grade) that will make up 90% of the grade. Some of the End of Unit assessments are tests while others are extended written assignments.
Students who do not receive a passing grade of 70 on an assignment will come in for additional instruction and a chance to make corrections/additions to their work in order to receive a passing grade.



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