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Sra. Wiswell: Spanish 7 and Spanish 2

Spanish with Señora Wiswell

This year we will take an in-depth look at Spanish grammar, history and culture. Our studies will be communicatively based, focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.

Topics covered Spanish 7
  • PE: Greetings, numbers, body parts, class objects, calendar, weather
  • Chapter 1: Likes/dislikes, activity vocabulary, personality traits
  • Chapter 2: School schedule, classroom objects, prepositions, subject pronouns, ar verbs
  • Chapter 3: Food, er/ir verbs, Ser and plurals
  • Chapter 4: Leisure activities, places in town, sports, Ir, Interrogatives
Topics covered Spanish 8
  • Chapter 5: Personal identification/ Family and celebration/ Restaurant / verbs tener, ser , estar, traer and venir
  • Chapter 6:Bedroom / house and home/ prepositions/ colors/ chores/ comparatives and superlatives/ verbs poder and dormir/ commands/ present progressive
  • Chapter 7: clothing/ shopping/ gift giving/ buying and selling/ pensar, querer, prefirir
  • Chapter 8: vacation/ transportation/ review of present tense verbs
  •  Summative quizzes/memrise: 40%
  • Summative project/ test 50%
  • Formative homework/classwork 10%
  • Retakes of quizzes and tests will be allowed once corrections to the original have been completed and the student has taken steps to demonstrate improved knowledge of the topic (this is usually accomplished through a reteaching with myself or by additional study time with another adult).


I am available to all students needing extra help. If you need help with any aspect of the material, please come see me to meet and review the materials. I am available periods 1, 2, and tutorial as well as occasionally during period 5 when I have lunch. You may get a pass for any of those times to come for help.

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