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Mrs. Nolan


English 7 
For the week of 3/9/20


Monday- Complete Poetry Practice Analysis #1 - pg. 95

Tuesday- Complete Poetry Practice Analysis #2 - pgs. 102-103

Wednesday- No Homework

Thursday- No Homework

Friday- No Homework


Mrs. Harvey

Math Homework for March 16-June 12 are in Google Classroom

MATH 7 (2nd Period, 3rd Period, & 4th Period):
 Please go to Google Classroom for all assignments due for 4th Quarter.  
Mr. Hornung

Homework 3/9 - 3/13

1. Erie Canal DBQs
2. Unit 6 Review Packet (Due Wednesday) 
3. Unit 6 Test - Wednesday 
Mrs. Ingalls
Mr. Rosener

The link below will take you to my web site. 

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Mrs. Nelson- Period 7 Social Studies

Assignments may change.

There will be a test on the Constitution on Thursday, 3/12.
Mrs. Wiswell

Spanish 7

Students with internet access should check google classroom for assignments.
Assignements  are posted by the week in Google classroom.  
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