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Mrs. Nolan


English 7 
For the week of 3/9/20


Monday- Complete Poetry Practice Analysis #1 - pg. 95

Tuesday- Complete Poetry Practice Analysis #2 - pgs. 102-103

Wednesday- No Homework

Thursday- No Homework

Friday- No Homework


Mrs. Harvey

Math Homework for March 16-June 12 are in Google Classroom

MATH 7 (2nd Period, 3rd Period, & 4th Period):
 Please go to Google Classroom for all assignments due for 4th Quarter.  
Mr. Hornung


Daily assignments will be posted on Google Classroom until further notice.
Mrs. Ingalls
Mr. Rosener

The link below will take you to my web site. 

Scroll to the bottom of the site for the Homework Calender




Mrs. Nelson- Period 7 Social Studies

Assignments may change.

There will be a test on the Constitution on Thursday, 3/12.
Mrs. Wiswell

Spanish 7

Students with internet access should check google classroom for assignments.
Assignements  are posted by the week in Google classroom.  
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