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Public Library Informational Message

This year, voters at the District Budget vote will have an additional proposition to consider. Although on the same ballot, this proposition is completely separate from the School District budget proposition.

The Otego and Unadilla libraries presented the Board of Education with petitions signed by a requisite number of district residents and are requesting the voters to approve a library tax levy of $85,000. This is completely separate from the school budget and if approved, the district will only function as a “pass-through” agency for the collection and distribution of funds. Voting will take place at the Junior-Senior High School on Tuesday, May 21 from noon to nine pm.

In other words, if the proposition for the library levy is approved, the District will collect taxes as approved by voters and deliver the funds to the two libraries for the purposes of maintenance and operations of the libraries. 

Any questions should be directed to the Otego or Unadilla Library Boards of Trustees.