“Unatego Statement on Racism”
It has recently come to our attention that there have been comments made on social media alleging racism in our school and communities. Current students, former students, and adults have commented on these posts and as a school district that values diversity and equity, we are appalled.  
We take the allegations posted on social media seriously, and will investigate the charges fully.   If warranted, disciplinary action will be taken against any student engaging in racist activities or hate speech, both of which are completely unacceptable.  Racism is wrong, period.  Hatred of another human being because of their race, color of their skin, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin will not be tolerated in our schools.    
Racism and hate speech have no place in our schools or our society. Unatego wants all our students to feel safe in school and in the community and we will do all we can to ensure that safety. We have and will continue to educate our students and staff about the value of diversity and to condemn racism in any form.        
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